Reebok Legacy lifter (OG Lifter) review

The Legacy Lifters are high-end weightlifting shoes by Reebok, released in January 2017. In Europe, this shoe goes by another name: the OG Lifter. A unique feature to this shoe is the 22 millimeter heel height; slightly higher than the 3/4″ or 19 mm used in most weightlifting shoes.

This is the first true weightliting shoe by Reebok. The Legacy Lifters aren’t branded as ‘CrossFit shoes’.

Reebok Legacy Lifterw weightlifting shoes


Theses shoes are designed for optimal performance in Olympic Weightlifting; snatch and clean&jerk. Apart from weightlifting, these shoes are great for squats, bench presses, and the overhead press. Because these shoes are built for optimal stability, they’re relatively heavy and stiff. Therefore, these shoes aren’t the best choice for most CrossFit WOD’s.


Shoe design / build

The upper of this shoe is made out of thick leather, which makes the shoe solid and rigid. This leather upper is perforated for improved ventilation. The upper on the heel side of the shoe is made out of mesh for better ventilation, and uses a so-called ‘ExoFrame’ for support.

The weight of the shoe is around 20.3 ounce, or 575 grams. This makes the Legacy Lifters are the heaviest shoes available right now; about 100 grams heavier than the Nike Romaleos 2. The advantage to a heavy shoe is that it helps in stability and ‘sticks’ you to the platform. However, it’s a small disadvantage for performing split jerks, as this requires you to move your feet as quickly as possible.

De sole of the shoe is flat, which means it has a large contact surface on the weightlifting platform. This is optimal for grip on the platform. The sole uses so-called ‘Flex grooves’. These are grooves that allow the front and the back of the shoe to move independently.

These shoes use flat shoelaces, and have reinforced grommets. This means you can lace your shoe really tight, without damaging the upper. The Legacy Lifters come with one pair of thin, incomporessible, insoles.

Heel and heel height

The heel is made out of TPU, a hard type of plastic. This heel raise makes for an effective heel height of 22 mm. The heel also uses a heel cup, to provide extra lateral stability.

Metatarsal strap

The Reebok OG lifter uses twee metatarsal straps. By tightly fitting these straps, the shoe will ge firmly stuck to your foot. Both straps use Velcro, and are made out of strong, sythetic leather.

Color and design

Theses shoes are available in two different color schemes: black and white, and black and gold.


According to most reviews, these shoes fit true to size, and are of normal width. You’ll have the best chance of getting the correct size by using Reebok’s sizing table.


The Reebok Legacy Lifters are very stable weightlifting shoes, and the best option for lifters that need a high heel raise.

Where to buy?

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Any questions or comments?

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        • Released in: 2017
        • Color options: Black/white, Black/gold
        • Effective heel height: 2,2 cm
        • Heel material: TPU
        • Best suited for: Olympic weightlifting, squats, bench press
        • Fit (overall): True size
        • Fit (width): Normal>> Check price>>Check Price


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