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The Reebok CrossFit Lite Trainer, also known as Mark Bell’s Power Shoe, is a shoe designed specifically for the powerlifts. Reebok, however, marketed the shoe as part of their well-known CrossFit line of products, which the shoe is also great for. The shoe is inspired by the Chuck Taylors, which are popular among powerlifters, mainly because of their flat, and hard to compress soles. However, the Reebok CF lite trainer is designed to suit powerlifting specifically, and therefore has advantages over Chuck Taylors.


The shoe doesn’t have an elevated heel, and has good grip, so it’s great for deadlifts. If you’re very flexible, or squat low bar and wide stance, this shoe can also be used for squats.
The shoe is quite flexible, and therefore also great for CrossFit WODs. However, if there are a lot of Olympic weightlifting exercises in the WOD, most people would prefer a shoe that does have an elevated heel, for instance the Reebok CrossFit lifter or the Inov-8 Fastlift 335.


Shoe build / construction

The body of the Reebok CF Lite Trainer is made out synthetic material. The body of the completely black version is made out of leather. The tongue of the shoe is made out of mesh, and allows for ventilation. The tongue has a single loop to run the shoelaces through, to keep the tongue in place. This is an advantage over the Allstar Chuck Taylors, where the tongue of the shoe often slides to the sides during use, which is quite the annoyance.
The sole of the shoe is entirely flat and constructed in rubber; good features for a firm grip on the platform. The sole is extra wide at the heel and the toebox. Reebox calls this a ‘stability zone’, as this provides extra sideways stability, which is especially important on exercises like the sumo deadlift. A slight disadvantage to the sole, is that is a bit thicker than other deadlift shoes, which adds a few millimeters to the range of motion. The shoe also doesn’t have a metatarsal strap.
There are 2 versions of this shoe: A  low top one, and a high top one. The low-top model provides for a little better flexibility, as might be preferred in the squat. The high-top model provides for a bit more stability, but restricts ankle flexibility, and would be better suited for deadlifts.

Color and design

The Reebok CF lite TR are available in many color options; Black, White, Grey, Black/Blue, Black/Yellow, and more. The shoe has a classic sneaker design.


The CrossFit Lite Trainer fits true to size. Whereas the Chuck Taylors are known to be very narrow shoes, the Reebok CrossFit Lite trainer is normal width.

Conclusion: good all-round and affordable strength training shoes

For about $70, these shoes are great value, and a huge improvement over any other sneaker you might be currently using for your strength training.

Where to buy?

The Reebok CF lite trainer is available on Amazon and Click the buttons below to check current prices.>> Check price>> Check price

Questions or comments?

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  • Released in: 2014
  • Color options:
  • Effective heel height: 0,00″ / 0,0 cm
  • Heel material: –
  • Best suited for: Powerlifting, Deadlift, Squats, Bench presses
  • Fit (overall): True size
  • Fit (width): Normal width>> Check price>> Check price


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    Please I’m really after a pair of the mark bell reebok crossfit high tops in a us 10/10:5 I know they don’t make anymore but do you know of stock any where in the world .


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