Reebok CrossFit Nano 5 review

The Nano 5.0 is the latest model in Reebok’s Nano line. The Nano shoes are the allround CrossFit shoes by Reebok. The Nano 5.0 succeeded the Nano 4.0 in 2015. Right now, there are 12 different color options for men, and 15 for women.




The Nano is designed specifically for CrossFit. The shoe is nearly flat; just a 3mm heel drop from heel to toe. They’re flexible shoes, but don’t provide any real cushioning, and the soles are not compressive. This makes it a great shoe for a lot of strength training exercises like the deadlift, and also for dynamic exercises like box jumps. If you’re doing a WOD that includes weightlifting exercises, like snatch, clean and jerk, or squats, a shoe with a heel raise like the CrossFit lifter 2.0 is a better choice.


Shoe design / construction

The body of the shoe is largely made of mesh. This makes sure the shoe breaths well; important for intense CrossFit workouts. On top of the mesh, there is a layer of Kevlar, to provide sturdiness and stability to the shoe. Reebok calls this layer of the ‘Bulletcage’.  This new design also makes the shoe lighter than the Nano 4, that used a heavier material in it’s ‘Duracage’.

Rope Climbs are an exercise that is sometimes used in CrossFit WOD’s. This shoe makes rope climbs easier, because of the ‘RopePro’ system; the inside of the shoe has a rubber grippy pattern, for better grip on the rope.

The tongue of the shoe is made out of mesh and synthetic leather, and has a loop for laces, which helps keeping it in place during intense exercise. 

The sole of the Nano 5’s is mostly flat, and provides good grip with the floor or platform. These shoes use the so-called ‘Metasplit flex grooves’. These are grooves in the soles that allow for more movement between the toebox and the rest of the shoe.

Reebok also states that the inside of the shoe has been redesigned for a better fit and more comfort. Reviews of the Nano 5 confirm that this has worked; most people agree they’re more comfortable than the Nano 4.

Color and design

The Nano 5.0 is available in more than 20 different color options.


The fit is just what you’d expect it to be. The shoes fit true size, and they’re normal in width. To make sure you get the best possible fit, measure your feet, and compare the results with this sizing table.


The Reebok CrossFit nano 5 shoes are comfortable yet stury shoes, and great for CrossFit WOD’s with a lot of dynamic exercises or strength training exercises like the deadlift. However, if you’re looking for the best shoes for weightlifting exercises like the snatch, clean and jerk, squats or thrusters, you should look to buy shoes with a heel raise, and more focus on stability. For instance the Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0.

Where to buy Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0?

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  • Released in: 2015
  • Color options: over 20 color options
  • Effective heel height: 0.16″ / 0,4 cm
  • Best suited for: CrossFit
  • Fit overall: True size
  • Fit (width): wide>> Check price>> Check price



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