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The Inov-8 Fastlift 325 is the latest lifting shoe by Inov-8. These shoes are a hybrid between a weightlifting shoe, and an allround fitness shoe. It’s sold in three different color options: black, blue and orange, and pink and purple.



These shoes are designed specifically for CrossFit WOD’s that combine weightlifting exercises (like snatch, clean and jerk) with dynamic exercise like box jumps. These shoes are very lightweight for a weightlifting shoe with a heel raise; they weigh about 325 gram, 10 grams less than it’s predecessor, the Fastlift 335. Compared to the Nike Romaleos, that means these shoes are about 150 grams lighter.


Shoe design / build

The body of the shoe is mostly made out of mesh and thin synthetic material. This makes the shoe lightweight, and makes sure it breaths well. It also allows for flexibility and comfort. This is an advantage over heavy and stiff weightlifting shoes like the Adipowers, when it comes to performing a longer WOD. However, the shoe lacks the stability for optimal performance in heavy weightlifting exercises and squats.

The rubber sole on the Fastlift 325 is almost completely flat, and provides a good grip on the platform. The sole also uses the ‘Meta-Flex’ technology, which is a shallow groove in the sole from side to side. This makes the shoe more flexible, as it allows the toe-box to move more independently from the rest of the shoe. This mostl helps with dynamic exercises like box jumps and burpees.

Compared to the Fastlift 335, the shoe is functionally mostly the same. Apart from being 10 grams lighter, the design changes are aesthetic in nature.


The Fastlift 325 has a raised heel, effectively .65 inch, or 1.65 cm. The heel design is the same as in the Fastlift 335; it uses short plastic (TPU) tubes. Using this design saves a lot of material, and therefore makes the shoe lighter. Inov-8 has now names this heel design the ‘Power Truss’. The TPU heel also protrudes upwards into what’s known as the ‘External heel cage’. This is a cage-like frame around the heel, which improves the stability of the shoe.

Metatarsal strap

This shoe uses a single metatarsal strap with velcro. By tightening this strap while wearing the shoe, the shoe feels like it’s completely stuck to your foot, and also increases the sidewards stability.

Colors and design

There are small changes in design between the Fastlift 325 and the 335. The biggest differces are pattern created by the synthetic layer is different, the trim lines on the shoe, and the location of the branding. For a side by side comparison, see the picture below:


There are three different color options available; black and white, blue and orange, and pink and purple.


These shoes fit a bit smaller than most sports shoes. To make sure you get the correct size, you can measure the size of your feet, and refer to the size chart provided on If your shoes feel like a tight fit, that’s on purpose, to increase the stability. They’ll fit more comfortably after a couple uses.


De Inov-8 Fastlift 325 are great shoes for CrossFit WOD’s with a combination of weightlifting and dynamic exercises. When it comes to maximal perfomance on weightlifting exercises ans squats however, you’ll get a better result with stiffer and more stable shoes like the Adidas Adipower, or the Nike Romaloes 2. Compared to those shoes, the Fastlift 325 has an advantage in comfort, flexibility, and being lighter in weight.

Where to buy the Inov-8 Fastlift 325?

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Any questions or comments?

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  • Released in: 2016
  • Color options: 3 different color options
  • Effective heel height: 0,65″ / 1,65 cm
  • Heel material: TPU
  • Best suited for: CrossFit
  • Fit (lengte): Valt klein
  • Fit (width): Normal width>> Check prices>> Check prices


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  1. Rhonda Clark

    I recently bought the 335 inov8 fastlifts. They seemed shorter as my toes seemed to jam in the toe of the shoe. I am returning them, and have decided to buy the 325’s. Are the 335’s and the 325’s sized the same. I normally wear a size 9.


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