Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit shoes by Nike review


The Nike Metcon 2 shoes are Nike’s shoes focussed on Crossfit, released in January 2016. They’re flat lifting shoes, that are flexible enough for dynamic exercise. The Nike Metcon are available in over 10 different colors.



The Nike Metcon are designed specifically for CrossFit. However, Nike isn’t officially tied to CrossFit, so they can’t use the word ‘Crossfit’ in their products (unlike Reebok). These shoes don’t have a real heel raise (just 0,4 cm), and no metatarsal strap, like most weightlifting shoes. This means the shoe isn’t great for weightlifting exercises; the snatch and clean&jerk. However, this shoe is great for excersises like deadlifts because of the very grippy flat soles. Also, these shoes are very flexible and light, which makes them great for dynamic exercises like box jumps.


Shoe design / constuction

The entire shoe is made out of synthetic leather. The top of the shoe is made out of mesh, and there are holes for ventilation on the side, and the in the tongue. This makes the shoe breath well.

The synthetic leather is relatively thin, to keep the shoe light-weight. A mens size 9.5 US weights about 330 grams or 11.6 ounces. To increase the stability of the shoe, Nike decided to use their ‘Nike Flywire‘ technology.

The tongue is made out of synthetic leather and mesh, and has loops for the laces, which makes sure the tongue stays in place during intense exercise like CrossFit WOD’s.

Like it’s competition, for instance the Nano 5, the inside of the Metcon shoes have a grippy rubber pattern on the inside, that provides extra grip for Rope limbs, an exercise that is sometimes included in CrossFit WOD’s.

Another feature of this shoe is the so-called ‘heel clip’. The heel clip is a TPU (plastic) clip; the yellow clip in the pictures above. This is designed specifically for Handstand push-ups, another CrossFit exercise. With hand-stand push-ups, the heels of your shoes touch the wall. Normal shoes with rubber soles provide extra resistance in the contact point with the wall, and therefor make the exercise a bit harder. A shoe with a plastic heel clip provides less resistance, making this exercise easier. Currently, there is just one other shoe that also uses a heel clip, the Reebok Speed TR.

Like most CrossFit shoes, the Metcon 2 uses flat shoelaces. Flat shoelaces have a small advantage over rounded laces; they don’t get untied as easily.

The rubber sole is stiff and uncompressible in the middle and near the heel, which makes the shoes great for deadlifts, but flexible near the toes which allows for dynamic exersises like running and jumping.

Color and design

Design-wise, the Metcon 2 looks a lot like the original Nike Metcon. There are a few tweaks on the original design. The biggest difference is the heel of the shoe; which has thicker padding. Also, there is no more loop on the outside of the heel.

The Nike Metcon 2 is available in over 10 colors.


The Nike Metcon 2 are true size; which means you can order your usual size. The width of these shoes are average in width.


The Nike Metcon are a great pick for CrossFit WOD’s with a combination of strength exercises and dynamic exercises. The shoe is flexible, light, and sturdy. However, for actual weightlifting exercises, a shool with a raised heel, and a design focussed on stability will be a better choice. Nike has a shoe specifically made for weightlifting, the Nike Romaleos 2.

Where to buy the Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit shoes?

You can find these shoes online, on sites like and They’re usually sold for about $135, but keep an eye out for discounts. To check current prices, click the buttons below.>>Check prices>>Check prices

Any questions or comments?

Do you have any questions or comments about the Nike Metcon 2.0? Please post a comment below!



  • Released in: 2016
  • Color options: 10+ different colors
  • Effective heel height: 0,4 cm
  • Best suited for: CrossFit
  • Fit (overall): True size
  • Fit (width): Normal width>>Check prices>>Check prices


2 thoughts on “Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit shoes by Nike review

  1. David Koss

    I used to be a runner, but no longer. Now, I spend about two hours daily in the gym (actually, a state-of-the-art place with lots of free weights of all kinds, machines, and high-tech versions of exercise bikes, which don’t prematurely wear out training shoes). So, I have owned “athletic” shoes from Nike and other companies for years, and have always found Nikes to be the best, in terms of durability, comfort, and ability to stand up to the demands to which they were intended (running shoes good for running and lasting longer than a few months, training shoes good for the gym and for lifting, and giving good support, etc.) My old pair of Nike training shoes have lasted for at least two years. I am just now using them outside the gym as well, meaning, to be honest with myself, I needed a new pair to wear exclusively inside the gym and exclusively for workouts. There are many cross-trainers and training shoes on the market. There is a wide range of $90 “fashion” training shoes that even the help desk (chat room) at tells Nike consumers to stay away from. The local “fashion” athletic shoe retailers in the local malls all told me to go to the Nike factory store nearby (suburban Washington, DC) and for only about $30 more than the low-end fashion trainers, I could purchase the Metcon 2. That is what I did, and for all of the reasons one can imagine, the Nike Men’s Metcon 2 is the best training shoe I have ever purchased. The shoe was introduced several months ago, and as write this, in October 2016, some colors are available, even from Nike directly, for a few dollars less than the $130 retail that I paid. Note that the best training shoes on the market ate $130, but the best running shoes on the market may be $200 to $225. Gym rats get a big bargain with the Metcon 2.

  2. Eric Pamaran

    Hi there, someone gifted me with the metcon 2’s for my Crossfit WOD’s. These are my first metcons and I was wondering how the shoe should fit. With the Reebok Nano’s I have a 26,5 cm and the metcons I received are 26 cm. The metcons fit really well though I feel it is a bit tight in the toebox and there is like 3-5 cm space until the tip of the shoe. I have also read about this in other reviews that the toebox is snugly. I have Nike free runs 5 with the size of 26,5 and these also fit perfectly with a bit more space in the toebox. So I am wondering if I should get a size bigger or if I break them in that they will also be a bit more looser.


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