Inov-8 Fastlift 370 BOA CrossFit shoes review

The Inov-8 Fastlift 370 is the new weightlifting shoe by Inov-8. It succeeds the Inov-8 Fastlift 335, and was released in 2014. The Fastlift 370s are mid-range weightlifting shoes that are best used for CrossFit WOD’s. These shoes are available in two different colors; black (men’s) and pink (women’s).

A new feature that has been added is the BOA lacing system. This allows you to turn a knob to tighten your laces. Apart from replacing traditional laces, the BOA lacing system is also used in this shoe to tighten the metatarsal strap. For more information on how BOA lacing works, see this demo on the official site by BOA. Apart from the new BOA lacing, the Inov-8 Fastlift 370 is almost completely similar to the Fastlift 335.


The Fastlift 370 is best used for CrossFit WOD’s that mix weightlifting exercises (like snatch, clean and jerk, thrusters, squats) with dynamic exercises (for instance, box jumps). This is exactly what the shoe is designed for; the heel raise allows you to improve your results in weightlifting exercises, while the shoe is flexible enough to not limit your performance in dynamic exercises. The shoe weights 370 grams (hence the name), which is light for a weightlifting shoe; it’s about 115 grams lighter than the Nike romaleos.


Shoe design/build

The body of the shoe is made from thin synthetic and mesh material. Using this instead of leather is what keeps the shoe light and flexible. It also ensures the shoe breathes well.
The shoe uses the BOA lacing system. There are a few important advantages to this. The first is that it’s impossible for your shoes to get untied. Secondly, tightening your shoes is way faster with the BOA laces. This allows you to switch between different pairs of shoes faster in between exercises. If you’re training for CrossFit, it’s not uncommon to take three different pairs of shoes to your training session (flat shoes, weightlifting shoes, and running shoes).

The sole on the Fastlift 370’s is made out of rubber, and completely flat. This improves grip with the floor or weightlifting platform. The sole uses ‘Meta-Flex’, which means there is a a shallow groove in the sole, from side to side, which allows for the toebox to move more independently from the rest of the shoe.


Just like the Fastlift 335, the effective heel height is 0.65 inch, or 1.65 centimeters. The material used for the heel is TPU; a strong and high density plastic. The heel is designed to be light, and therefor isn’t solid. Instead it consists of 8 tubes from top to bottom. Just like the Adidas Adipower and the Nike Romaleos, the Fastlift 370 uses an external heel cage. This is a plastic frame around the back of the shoe, which improves stability.

Metatarsal strap

These shoes use a single synthetic metatarsal strap. The metatarsal strap also uses the BOA lacing system for thightening.

Color and design

These shoes are available in black (men’s version) and pink (women’s version). Sadly, that’s fewer colors than it’s predecessor, the Fastlift 335.


This shoe is small for it’s size. Therefor, it’s recommended to order half a size up from your usual size. If you want to be sure you pick the right size, you can measure your foot, and find your size by using Inov-8’s sizing table (source). The shoe is normal in width. It might feel tight width-wise, but that’s on purpose, to increase the stability of the shoe.


For specific CrossFit WOD’s that mix weightlifting exercise with dynamic exercises, the Inov-8 Fastlift 370 BOA’s are the best CrossFit shoes you find. If you’re looking for the most stable weightlifting shoes however, you should go with either the Adidas AdiPower and Nike Romaleos instead. The Fastlift 370’s are a bit heavier than the Fastlift 335’s, but still very light for a weighlifting shoe. To sum things up, the main advantages for these shoes are comfort, flexibility, and the low weight.

Where to buy the Inov-8 Fastlift 370 BOA?

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Questions or comments?

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  • Inov-8 Fastlift 370 BOA CrossFit shoes - side view


  • Released in: 2012
  • Color options: black, pink
  • Effective heel height: 0,75″ / 1,9 cm
  • Heel material: TPU
  • Best suited for: CrossFitOlympic weightlifting, Squats, Bench presses
  • Fit (overall): Take one size up
  • Fit (width): Normal width>> Check price>> Check price


  • Inov-8 Fastlift 370 BOA CrossFit shoes - pink - side view

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