Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR review

The Sprint TR are CrossFit shoes by Reebok, and best used in WOD’s with a lot of dynamic exercises and runs. The Sprint Trainer shoes are available in 13 standard color options; 6 color options for women, and 7 color options for men.


The Reebok Sprint TR are best used in CrossFit workouts with a lot of dynamic exercises, and workouts that include a run. For instance, the benchmark WOD Helen. This shoe is flexible and uses a soft, shock-absorbing midsole. Also, these shoes don’t have a heel drop, like the CrossFit Lifters. This means these shoes aren’t optimal for heavy lifts. However, when it comes to sturdiness and stability, the sprint TR is better than the Speed TR and most running shoes, mostly because of the plastic reinforcements used in the shoe.


Overall build

The body of the shoe is mostly made out of mesh, and has a plastic cage-like structure on top of that. This is also known as the ‘duracage’, and is used to increase the stability of the shoe. The mesh used in the shoe makes it breath well. The heel  of the shoe is reinforced with synthetic leather, and has a loop that makes it easier to put these shoes on.

The sole of the shoe is made up of two parts. The midsole is made out of foam, to be able to absorp shocks during running and jumping. Below the mid sole is a solid rubber sole that is mostly flat, and allow for a good grip on the platform. This shoe uses the so-called ‘propulsion plate’ in the sole, which supposedly helps in propelling the user when sprinting and jumping.

Color and Design

When it comes to design, this shoe looks like a lot of the traditional fitness shoes made by Reebok. The Sprint TR is available in 13 different color options. To see all available men’s color options click here, and for all women’s color options, click here.


The Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR are a narrow fit. You can find your correct size by measuring your feet and compare it with Reebok’s sizing charts. If you have wide feet, you can choose to take half a size up to get a better fit.


The Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR is a very good shoe for CrossFit WOD’s with a lot of dynamic exercises. If a run is included in the WOD, these shoes make a better choice than the Nano 5’s.

Where to buy the Reebok CrossFit Sprint TR?

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Any questions or comments?

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  • Released in: 2016
  • Color options: 6 color options
  • Effective heel height: 0 cm
  • Best suited for: CrossFit
  • Fit (overall): True size
  • Fit (width): narrow>> Check prices>> Check prices



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