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Nike Romaleos 2
The high-end weightlifting shoe by Nike
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Adidas Adipower
The high-end model weightlifting shoe by Adidas.
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adidas powerlift 2 black
Adidas Powerlift 2
Shoe aimed at powerlifting by Adidas.
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Olympic weightlifting shoes

Olympic weightlifting shoes, ‘oly shoes’, are shoes with a built-in heel elevation. This is advantageous for weightlifting. More info on why, read why wear weightlifting shoes?

Powerlifting shoes

Shoes used for the powerlifting squat and bench press are usually the exact same as used in weightlifting. Sometimes a smaller heel lift is used, mainly for low bar squats. With the deadlift, flat shoes with thin soles are often preferred.

CrossFit shoes

With CrossFit, the best shoe depends on the activity. For WOD’s that combine weightlifting, running and jumping, typical weightlifting shoes are too inflexible. Therefore, hybrid type of shoes have been developed. These CrossFit shoes do have a heel lift, but are still flexible enough for dynamic activity.