Adidas Powerlift 2 review

The Adidas Powerlift 2.0 is a strength training shoe released in 2013. The shoe comes in different colors options: black/red, blue/red, yellow/black, gray/green and blue/pink.




The shoe is designed to suit Powerlifting, and intended for use in the exercises squat, bench press and deadlift. For Olympic Weightlifting, and other forms of strength training, this shoe is certainly appropriate. The Powerlift 2’s are not too bad in terms of stiffness, and can therefore be also used for CrossFit, although there are better alternatives.


Shoe design / construction

The Adidas Powerlift is made of leather with a PU coating. This coating improves the strength and durability of the shoe with respect to ordinary leather.
There are ventilation holes in the front, on the medial side of the shoe, and at the heel. The tongue of the shoe has a loop for the laces, to keep the tongue in place during your training sessions.
As with most weightlifting shoes, the rubber sole is designed to make as much of a contact area with the platform as possible for optimal grip.


The Adidas Powerlift 2 has a 0.60 “or 1.5 cm heel, which is relatively small. This is likely an adjustment to fit the needs of powerlifters, who on average, require a smaller heel height in order to carry out a low-bar squat. If you like this shoe, but want a higher heel, you can insert a heel lift. See this article.
The heel is made of EVA, ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is less not as strong as TPU, and therefore the heel is unfortunately somewhat compressible. The heel in this shoe doesn’t shape around the foot and doesn’t serve as a heel cup, so doesn’t contribute to the lateral stability.

Metatarsal strap

The shoe has a single metatarsal strap to improve stability. In comparison to the AdiPowers, the strap is somewhat flimsy.

Color and design

There are many color options to pick from, which is great. The shoe comes in black/red, blue/red, yellow/black, gray/green and blue/pink. The shoes are designed with a traditional design, with the three Adidas stripes executed in leather. Part of the design are the four notches in the lateral side of the heel.


Adidas Power Lift 2 is true to size. It’s therefore recommended to buy this shoe in your normal shoe size. Unlike the AdiPowers, this shoe is not all that narrow around the forefoot, and will therefore fit fine for most. The Powerlift 2’s feel comfortable on the feet, as they’re not as stiff and harsh as the AdiPower.

Conclusion: good value powerlifting shoe

Adidas Power Lift 2 is a good option if you prefer to have relatively low heel, or do not necessarily need to get the optimum performance from the shoe, for example, if you’re not a competing strength athlete.
Regarding robustness and stability of the shoe can simply not compete with the superior AdiPower and Nike Romaleos 2. Also, the somewhat compressible heel is a disadvantage. The Powerlift 2’s should be considered the entry-level, weightlifting / powerlifting shoe.
However, the value is very good. At around $100, this shoe costs about half that of the Adipower. If you’re currently lifting on sneakers, this shoe is a huge improvement and definitely worth it.

Where to buy?

The best deals on the Adidas Powerlift 2’s can be found on Amazon or Ebay.>> Check price>> Check price

Questions or comments?

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  • Released in: 2013
  • Color options: black/red, blue/red, yellow/black, gray/green and blue/pink.
  • Effective heel height: 0,60″ / 1,5 cm
  • Heel material: EVA
  • Best suited for: Powerlifting, Squats, Bench presses
  • Fit (overall): True size
  • Fit (width): Normal width>> Check price>> Check price



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